Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mamma said their would be days like this!

I did get a lot done today, with a lot of interruptions. Or should I say Life stuff. Seriously I need to learn how to do things half way! But unfortunately I have a personality disorder, yes I said it! Can you believe Perfectionism is considered a personality disorder! I know I think it is totally silly. So I try and deal with is, as their is not any medication I can take to cure it!
I have a basic daily chore list for myself just to keep basic order, and I am going to add small ones as I get all of these basic organizational ones done:
1. Clean out the sink, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I know sounds weird, but It really does help make your kitchen look cleaner. Which really sucks for me, my dishwasher is broke. But I had to make a choice a new dishwasher or a new washing machine. I figured dishes are a lot easier to wash by hand than clothes.
2. One load of laundry everyday, but you should do what works for you. What I noticed today is that I fold my laundry in the living room, and I really want to try and keep some areas "clean looking". So I want to figure out a way to fold my laundry in the laundry room, which will pose a problem but we will come back to this. It is on my trouble spot list.
3. When the mail comes I go thru it and put it where it belongs. HAHAHA another trouble spot that goes on my list.
4. All beds made. I know some people believe that it is a wast of time, but if you are like me having a clean house makes you feel better. And a pretty looking made bed just makes a room look "clean".
5. Clean off dining table, Kitchen counters and bar counter cleaned off. Another couple of my trouble spots. I will come back to this.
6. Bathroom: clean off counter and wipe down toilet, I love the Clorox wipes, yes I keep them in both bathrooms. Now I only do this in the main bathroom. And it seriously amazes me that the one bathroom that is rarely used always seems the dirtiest. HMMM.

On do what I did today:

Not looking so bad.

Seriously, is this the laundry room?

hmm, way too much clutter for me!

WOW, someone needs a place to hang laundry!

Now how disgusting is this!

So I have to say that I did more deep clean than I did actual "organizing". But When trying to organize you have to remember the key is "clutter". You have to be willing to get rid of those things that are just cluttering your space. This area I have already done. I got rid of everything that did not have a purpose, I cleaned out my hutch, got rid of things that were just sitting there. Don't worry I have lots of clutter spaces! These are the things that are going on my "Trouble spot list"
Now on to the finished product!
Looks good, haha, It had a huge layer of dust, yes the broom only moved spots, I will tell you my secret about brooms and swiffers later. :)

Ahhh, nice and clean, yes I left the wall art. The babies would have cried for days if I took it down.

Laundry baskets gone! The couches were filthy! I scrubbed them down, and vacuumed out the cushions! Oh do you like the fan, yes the air conditioner broke! Seriously!

Yes I am still using the railings to hang my comforters up to dry, and the door on that hutch needs to be rehung. but hey it looks great!

Laundry is all done, well except a half a load, but I just can't do a half a load. :P. All full time peeps have clean sheets on their bed! I love sleeping in brand new clean sheets!
Sad thing is that I did not get in my 8 hours of work. :// . I will have to make those hours up!

Hopefully you can still get your copy for free! I am doing this, but I have also incorporated a couple of things!

Tomorrow is cleaning out the hanging closets! Fun stuff! I am needing money I am sure for a new air conditioner so I will be having a huge yard sale/boutique in 30 days or so! :)


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  1. Well that's great to know... I have personality disorder? Lol my husband laughed and said "yep, perfectionism.... That's truly you." Lol glad I'm not alone!