Thursday, February 9, 2012

Giving away some LOVE!

Hi all! I would love to have more of you who are followers for my blog! So to show some LOVE to you I am going to give one of you the finished LOVE on my post about sugar glitter...
This one! Here is how to do enter... Each one of these will get you an entry into the drawing!
1. Become a follower on my blog. (Yes this one! :))
2. Comment on this post.
3. Leave a comment on my FB page;
You all have until Monday February 13th, 2012  at 5pm MST, I will announce the winner Tuesday morning! Valentines Day!
Good Luck everyone!

How to apply sugar glitter to wood crafts!

I will be showing you how I apply sugar glitter to my crafts... There are different ways to do it. This is how I like to do it.
First things first. Make sure the color of paint you use matches the color of glitter you will be using. I will be showing you with the purple.. It is amazing how many different colors are out there in glitter!
Once your paint is dry, depending on the look you want you may want to do two or more coats... Up to you!
Glitter can be messy! What I do to keep the glitter mess to a minimum is a use a small box, you could use an old pizza box, the lid to an old shoe box...  I actually went to a case lot sale and now have an abundance of these perfect size containers! Then I use this Glad Press n seal, you could also use wax paper, I use the paper and line the box. You will understand when this whole process is done. :)
Next step is get some decoupage, I use mod podge and a wide foam brush. Generally when using glue they say a little goes a long way.... Well not with glitter, you want a good layer of glue, you still want to make sure it is even coated. but you want to make sure the glitter is going to stick, You can actually play around with this, depending on how much glitter you really want on your project.
Now the fun part sprinkle your glitter onto your project then you can tip it to move the glitter around, add more, or less whatever your heart desires!
Once your have all of your intended glitter space covered...Tap it off just to get rid of any extra glitter...and if you need to add more in spots.. add away...
This is why I use a box... this way I can clean up all the "stray" glitter... Waste not want not! Now is the time to let your project dry for 5 to 10 minutes...
Now this next step, MUST be done OUTSIDE! You don't have to seal your project, but I definitely recommend it! I have tried other clear sealants and love Krylon the best! Follow the directions on the can to seal your project.
Once your project is dry, embellish away! I love ribbon, tulle, and cute little embellishments... Also remember the lighter the color of glitter the more you will probably use..
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Really trying to figure our how to fit it all in!
I was thinking of the whole schedule thing the other day as I was getting things ready for Nikolas bday party at the dam. I had a list of things that we needed. I had everything PLANNED! Well maybe that is what I am missing with my day to day living stuff.
I make a list of things I will be making to take to all my craft shows, I make a list when I go to the grocery store.
I also have a calender with all my scheduled craft shows....
I have tried the schedule thing, well gave it a day or two. But with the big kids back in school. I am thinking we are needing a schedule, Especially as my 2 year old lays here in bed next to me wide awake! Really it's after 10!
More to come on this scheduling fiasco!
Do you have a schedule?
Tell me!

What I have been doing!

I know I haven't written in awhile, I am gearing up for the fall boutiques I am doing! And I have been having so much fun!
Here are a couple of the fun items I have been making:

Cute Fall blocks! I love how these turned out!

Happy Halloween! I love these colors together!
How fun is this! I love the font I used! Again Love the colors!
And how fun are these cute pumpkin faces! Plus you can use them as just plain pumpkins for the fall!


Thought I would share! More projects to come soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not getting the habit.

I am truly sorry, I feel like I have let you down. :(.
I let life get in the way.
Well, things are only going to get busier.
My yard sale went OK. We finally got our checks, unfortunately my hubby was behind on some bills that I did not know about, to say the least it is putting a strain on us right now. Hopefully we can get thru this.
I tell you what organization has kinda gone to the way side, Know I am concentrating on getting my products made for the fall shows and figuring out a budget. Seriously how does one make a budget when you never know when you are going to get paid or how much. I will get it I am sure.
I am sorry, this is only a tiny slip up. But life is full of them. I will learn from this.
My only advice is don't spend a promised check until you have it in your hand.
How do you make a budget?
Do you and your partner sit and pay bills together?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Porch post!

This is how the post looks with the cute Frame and the summer hang!
Write now thru Saturday August 6th You get all this for only $70.
The summer hang is FREE!

Close up of the summer hang. I have them in a couple different color options!

Cute Frame hanger for the post! But I also have these available that you can hang inside your house and use the cute interchangeable seasonal and holiday hangs!

The different color options available! I can also do any color you would like!
The best part, You don't have to use the picture frame hanger, you can use to hang all your cute door hangers!

Waiting for a check

One of the hardest things about being self employed is waiting on getting paid. And sometimes it takes FOREVER when you are in construction which my husband is! It has been almost 6 weeks since we have gotten our last check. WOZA. And my money can only help so much. It is like getting excited for your special surprise every time the mail man comes, and just hoping, or in this case expecting the check to come! Then the big lump in your throat and trying not to cry because it just isn't there. This week has been especially tuff, as we have been promised since the 18th of July, oh the check will be this week, then again on the 25th, then again on the 1st. This week we have been expecting 2 other checks besides the other one promised 3 weeks ago. URGH. Rem has to drive my Van to work as their is no gas in his work truck. Interesting sight to see I promise!
This being said, Check out my in the next little bit for the sale I will be having, as I really need some cash. Things must be picked up by Saturday at the latest. Saturday morning I will be at the Farmers Market in Ogden, this sale will follow me there!