Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to apply sugar glitter to wood crafts!

I will be showing you how I apply sugar glitter to my crafts... There are different ways to do it. This is how I like to do it.
First things first. Make sure the color of paint you use matches the color of glitter you will be using. I will be showing you with the purple.. It is amazing how many different colors are out there in glitter!
Once your paint is dry, depending on the look you want you may want to do two or more coats... Up to you!
Glitter can be messy! What I do to keep the glitter mess to a minimum is a use a small box, you could use an old pizza box, the lid to an old shoe box...  I actually went to a case lot sale and now have an abundance of these perfect size containers! Then I use this Glad Press n seal, you could also use wax paper, I use the paper and line the box. You will understand when this whole process is done. :)
Next step is get some decoupage, I use mod podge and a wide foam brush. Generally when using glue they say a little goes a long way.... Well not with glitter, you want a good layer of glue, you still want to make sure it is even coated. but you want to make sure the glitter is going to stick, You can actually play around with this, depending on how much glitter you really want on your project.
Now the fun part sprinkle your glitter onto your project then you can tip it to move the glitter around, add more, or less whatever your heart desires!
Once your have all of your intended glitter space covered...Tap it off just to get rid of any extra glitter...and if you need to add more in spots.. add away...
This is why I use a box... this way I can clean up all the "stray" glitter... Waste not want not! Now is the time to let your project dry for 5 to 10 minutes...
Now this next step, MUST be done OUTSIDE! You don't have to seal your project, but I definitely recommend it! I have tried other clear sealants and love Krylon the best! Follow the directions on the can to seal your project.
Once your project is dry, embellish away! I love ribbon, tulle, and cute little embellishments... Also remember the lighter the color of glitter the more you will probably use..
Thanks everyone!

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